Precitrade Ltd. Consumer Terms & Conditions for Mail and Online Purchases


All contractual agreements entered into by Precitrade Ltd. and customers are subject to the Terms &

Conditions applying at the time the contract takes effect. The following terms of sale and delivery are

valid for all our deliveries. Our General Terms of Business are exclusively valid. Any other term will

not become condition of the contract, even though we will not contradict expressly or even despite

execution of the delivery. Any deviations from these terms are subject to our written approval or are

specified divergently in our quotations. On placing his first order, the buyer accepts these terms of sale

but are also valid for future transactions


Contracting Parties

All contractual agreements entered into will be between Precitrade Ltd. (herein referred to as “the

Seller”) and individual customers (herein referred to as “the Consumer”) who must be 18 years of age

and legally competent. If Precitrade Ltd. should unintentionally enter into a contractual agreement

with an individual legally incapable to enter contracts, any contractual agreement between the two

parties becomes void with immediate effect.



By submitting an order online (i.e. after selecting the product(s), completing the online order form and

confirming the order by clicking the “PLACE ORDER” button), or by placing an order in the form of

an email or phone call, Consumers issue a legally binding purchase offer which will need to be

accepted by Precitrade Ltd. We reserve the right to refuse orders. If Precitrade Ltd. should reject an

order, the Consumer will be notified immediately.

A legally binding contract will be formed between the parties at the time of Precitrade Ltd. formally

confirming the order, or at the time the Consumer has received the goods. Any automated messages

sent by Precitrade Ltd. to Consumers in response to Consumers submitting their orders do not

constitute a formal order confirmation.


Right to cancel

The Consumer can cancel an order without giving a reason within a time period of fourteen (14) days

by notifying Precitrade Ltd. in writing, sending a letter or email to:

Precitrade Ltd.

8000. Székesfehérvár

Had utca 5.



Orders may be cancelled within a time period of fourteen (14) days, commencing on the day the

Consumer, or a representative acting on behalf of the Consumer has received the goods.


Cancellation and refunds

Precitrade Ltd. shall refund all payments (including delivery charges) received from the Consumer

within a time period of fourteen (14) days after the Consumer has cancelled an order. However, we

will not refund any delivery costs incurred by the Consumer opting for delivery methods other than

those offered by us at the time the order was placed. Unless otherwise agreed, Precitrade Ltd. will

issue refunds by using the same payment method the Consumer has chosen when paying for the order.

Furthermore, refunding the Consumer shall not incur any charges.

We shall have the right to refuse issuing a refund until any goods dispatched under the terms of the

contract have been returned, or the Consumer has provided proof of return.

The Consumer shall return any goods within a time period of fourteen days commencing on the day

the Consumer has notified Precitrade Ltd. of the order cancellation. Consumers must provide proof of

return upon request.


Returns and return costs

If cancelling an order involves returning items to Precitrade Ltd. the Consumer agrees to pay the cost

of return delivery. Consumers must ensure that the correct return postage is paid. All surcharges

incurred by returning an item with insufficient postage will be billed to the Consumer. Consumers

must make sure that the item to be returned is properly wrapped up and ready for transport.

Precitrade Ltd. will pay the cost of return delivery if the Consumer returns an item wrongly sent to the

Consumer, or if the Consumer has received faulty goods. In these cases, the Consumer must notify

Precitrade Ltd.


Limited availability of items

In the case of items no longer available at at the time the Consumer’s order has been

received, Precitrade Ltd. reserves the right to either offer the Consumer items matching both quality

and price of the original order, or to cancel the order entirely. In the latter case, Precitrade Ltd. shall

reimburse any payment made by the Consumer. Precitrade Ltd. shall refund Consumers paying On

Account by crediting their respective customer account with the appropriate amount.


Errors of product details

Precitrade Ltd. reserves the right to amend product details on the website if they should be found

incorrect or incomplete. In these cases the Consumer shall be entitled to explicitly re-confirm the

purchase order taking into account the new details. Otherwise, Precitrade Ltd. shall have the right to

cancel the order. Precitrade Ltd. shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from

amended product details.



All prices quoted on are in HUF and represent the total amount due, including VAT

charge at the rate that applies in Hungary on the day of purchase (Checkout). Precitrade Ltd. offers

the following payment options: advance payment, as well as payment by direct bank transfer and via

PayPal. Please note that any bank transfer charges incurred in respect of your order will be added to

your balance. If we do not receive your payment within 10 days, your order will be cancelled


Precitrade Ltd. reserves the right to amend prices if the amount quoted on the

webpage should be incorrect or incomplete. In these cases, Precitrade Ltd shall notify the Consumer of

the price change, with the Consumer being entitled to explicitly re-confirm the purchase order at the

new price. Otherwise, Precitrade Ltd shall have the right to cancel the order.


Data transmission declaration

I acknowledge the following personal data stored in the user account of Precitrade Kft. (8000. Székesfehérvár, Had utca 5) in the user database of will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár u. -32.) and is trusted as data processor. The data transferred by the data controller are the following: name, e-mail address, shipping and billing data.

The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the data processor in the SimplePay Privacy Policy can be found at the following link:


Delivery Rates

The amount Consumers pay will be the item price quoted plus delivery charges. The delivery costs

applying to a given online order are displayed on the checkout page (i.e. the penultimate step in the

online ordering process prior to submitting the order).


Inspection and damages

The Consumer shall have the right to inspect any goods received from Precitrade Ltd. This inspection

may include carrying out a brief function test to ensure the purchased item is in full working order.

However, the Consumers right to inspect the purchased goods does not include prolonged use of the


The Consumer is liable for any depreciation of items resulting from inappropriate use during the

inspection of the goods. The Consumer is liable for any damages to the purchased item that occur

during the inspection of the goods.



Missing cartons or damages being caused during transport are to be advised in writing within 36

hours. This is also valid for damages, which occurred despite proper packing.

Legitimated notices of defects will be remedied by free repair or compensation delivery.



We are liable for material defects of all our products within 24 months from the purchase date against

representation of the sales slip or of the invoice, if proper handling and consideration of the

installation and operating manual provided. Warranties provided only apply to single items. Precitrade

Ltd. shall only grant claims in cases in which damage or fault to an item has not been the result of

inappropriate handling or overuse by the Consumer.

If the buyer or third execute modification and repair tasks to the product (external intervention) any

claims for defects for these tasks and the results being involved will be void. Legitimated notices of

defects will be remedied by free repair or compensation delivery. If Precitrade Ltd is unable to repair a

faulty item, or provide the Consumer with a replacement item, the Consumer shall be entitled to ask

for a reduction of the purchase price, or cancel the order. Receiving a returned item in conjunction

with a claim does not automatically constitute accepting the claim.

The manufacturer’s warranty is limited to repairing or replacing defective products. Neither the

manufacturer nor the Precitrade Ltd as distributor accepts any liability for any special, indirect or

consequential damages. By ordering the product, the buyer accepts the warranty terms!

Buyer is required to declare his warranty claim in writing if the goods do not meet the required

technical, mechanical and other features. Investigating the complaint submitted by the Buyer is

responsibility of the Seller. The Seller initiates an investigation of the claimed complaint within 5

working days of receipt, with the supplier involved. After the investigation, Seller will inform the

Buyer in writing.



The Consumer shall notify Precitrade Ltd. immediately of any changes in the shipping address,

invoice address and contact details, as well as of any relevant changes in the Consumer‘ personal

details (such as name changes) in relation to any orders being processed or in any other way awaiting

completion. Orders will be dispatched to the Consumer’s last known address. Precitrade Ltd. cannot

be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of out-of-date Consumer details.

All contractual agreements between Precitrade Ltd. and The Consumer shall be governed by and

construed in accordance with the laws of the Hungarian Republic. Both Precitrade Ltd. and the

Consumer submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of “Székesfehérvári Járásbíróság” for the

determination of disputes arising under any contractual agreement.