2 Gallon Stainless Steel Accumulator

Specifically designed to be installed downstream of your pump, this 2-gallon Stainless Steel tank helps to reduce unwanted cycling, pulsation and pressure spikes, while helping to prolong pump life and save battery power. SHURFLO®’s Stainless Steel accumulator tank includes a patented domed displacement diaphragm to minimize noise and power usage.



Easy to Install and Maintain
Stainless Steel Tank Provides Maximum Corrosion Resistance
Reduces Pump Cycling
Consistent Water Flow, Non-Fluctuating Temperatures
Large Capacity
Pre-Charged 20 PSI [1.4 BAR]


Name 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Accumulator
Model Numbers 3400-002
Dimensions 12″ H x 9″ D [23cm H, 10 cm D]
Port Size 1/2″ NPT-Male
Total Volume 2 Gallons [8.0L]
Maximum PSI 100 PSI [7.0 BAR]
Precharged 20 PSI [1.4 BAR]

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